Listaros is popular among hunters in the region. According to local hunting regulations hunting is prohibited within 250 meters from the last home of a town or a settlement and with 150 meters from isolated homes. If hunters violate these rules the hunting associations of Tympaki and Moires recommend that you immediateley contact the police or the local gamepkeeper (θηροφύλακας). The borders of the settlement of Listaros are shown in the above image and can also be viewed at on-line at the forest maps site.

Listarokorfi Hike

Listarokorfi is the local summit of the Asterousia mountain range that is located to the southeast of the village. It is an easy hike and it takes about 45 minutes to reach the peak. However, you will have to find your own way through bushes as there is no path. You can download a .gpx track file here.

Mires - Listaros - Kouses bike tour

The route is about 20km long. You gain about 500 meters of altitude in total. The starting point of the route is roughly 4 km south of Mires, next to the Fire Department.

You move west for about 1 km. Then, you cycle north towards the village of Petrokefali, and subsequently south towards the village of Kouses. However, you do not enter Kouses, but continue towards the village of Listaros. This part of the route is the hardest, since you have to cycle up several hills. Near the village of Listaros, you then go downhill. You pass through the village, and then exit it through a narrow path on the west side. After Listaros, the route continues towards the village of Sivas. From Sivas to Kouses you follow the asphalt road (very few cars) and move towards Kouses and back to the starting point.

Reproduced from Mesara Bikes with permission of Pavlos Pavlidis.

You can download the GPX file here.