Official Recycling - Dos and Don'ts

There are three recycling bins in Listaros (see their locations here as indicated by blue circles), if one of them is full, please check if one of the others is still empty and do not deposit your garbage next to one of them!

You can also download a recycling information lealflet here.

In general, plastic, aluminium, paper, glass and white iron go into the blue bins.

  • Only CD and DVD cases, not CDs and DVDs
  • Caps from bottles, but after unscrewing them from the bottles
  • Aluminium foil is not recycled in Greece
  • Both components (paper, gelatin) of the packaging that wraps cheeses, meat, etc. in supermarkets (paper, gelatin) are recycled, but they need to be separated before
  • No packaging of toxic materials, such as plastic or metal packaging that contained mineral oils, antifreeze liquids, insecticides, etc.
  • No straws and plastic cutlery
  • No plastic furniture and large plastic objects
  • No styrofoam packaging as used for meat in supermarkets
  • Packages must be completely clean of debris/leftovers and compressed and folded, as far as if possible.
  • Pour your recycling garbage loosely into the bins and not in tied bags


  • Do not tear the papers, just fold them
  • Fold the cartons
  • What paper can be recycled?
    • Clean white paper
    • Newspapers, magazines, phone books and brochures
    • School books
    • Folded cardboards
    • Mixed or colored paper
    • Printing paper


  • Wash and remove lids and labels from bottles and jars
  • Try not to break the glass
  • Don't throw in broken glass

Service for the collection of bulky items by appointment

In order to improve the overall image of the municipality and the most efficient cleaning, the municipality of Phaistos adopts a new service for collecting bulky items by appointment.

On a daily basis, vehicles of the municipality of Phaistos will proceed to organized waste collection from the homes of citizens, if there is no other way to transport the items.

The citizens of the municipality of Phaistos can, for the removal of bulky waste, such as furniture, electrical appliances, mattresses, but also a limited amount of branches resulting from home garden cleaning work, contact the cleaning service at +30 28920 22007 on weekdays.

Citizens should contact the cleaning service number between 8.00 - 10.00 in the morning and 14.00 - 15.00 in the afternoon.